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Post  Mark Schüler on Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:12 pm

Friends, Romans, Countrymen -

One of the first thing that the preliminary student council is going to do for YOU is starting to gradually post all the material that has accumulated over the past years.

This information should be accessible for all students as it will help with reducing the workload. If you have lecture notes before the lecture you can actually concentrate on listening instead of taking dictation.

We want to work for and with the rest of the students.

To achieve any goal we will have to present a unified student body so we can deal with issues in a serious way and be recognized by the university itself.

We believe that by sacrificing some spare time we can make this university a more efficent and also enjoyable place for all of us, the English speaking students.

ANY contributions to this project will be sincerly appreciated as it is on a completely voluntary basis and every bit helps.

We will take a while to get the organization up and running. At the moment we are still in the planing phase, and we hope to have a working organization by the beginning of the next term.

In due course we will also network with the Slovak's student council and send a delegate there to represent our best interests.

After the planning and warm up phase is completed we will have formed:

- an officially recognized council meant to communicate our wishes, worries and problems to the
university (and also provide the follow up to make sure something happens)

- a platform to supply the large amount of material that everyone has lying around under beds, sofas
etc. and so make working a lot easier for all of us

- a place that students can turn to for help and advice from people who have most probably been in their
situation before

- and last, but definetely not least, a platform that allows networking and communication between ourselves
in a practically realtime manner

The more of you take a bit of time to look in here now and then the more motivated we will be to try and help us all in the best way possible.

Thanks for listening,


Mark Schüler

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